Holy Forest

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Advance Card

Holy Forest God Card

Holy Forest is the 11th advancement card. It unlocks the Holy Forest god power. Also called god seed

Acquisition and Unlocking

You need 130 Population to unlock the card. To use it cost starts at 200 and goes up by 10 each time you plant a tree

Card Text

Click to place seeds across your land. Placing trees near abodes will increase the belief they produce.


God Power

Holy Forest is a God Card that Gives you the power to plant a tree with multiple benefits.

  Growth Time: 25 seconds


 1.Increases belief per hour in a radius around the tree. (Belief buff cap is 500%)
 2.Happiness boost of 1% in a radius around the tree


200 Belief for first time use

Note: Cost increases by 10 after each use of the power.

Card text

CLICK to place seeds around your land.


Note that you can remove the Holy Forest trees just like any other tree, thereby wasting the cost and effects.

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