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This page or section refers to content that was removed from the game.

Type: God Card
Number: 5
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Period: Establishment Period
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Totem card

Totem is a God Card that unlocks the Activate Totem and Move Totem powers, which let you control a Totem that can compel your Followers to approach it when activated. When first acquired, it can only affect up to four Followers, at a time, but the Totem Capacity God Card increases this to six.

Acquisition and unlocking[edit | edit source]

Restore the Shrine of Power south-southwest of the Temple of Battles and northeast of the starting area to acquire the Totem God Card. It is unlocked when acquired.

Card text[edit | edit source]

Affect the free will of your Followers by placing a Totem. While it's active, all your people will be compelled to approach it.

Details[edit | edit source]

How to use:
Click to place it anywhere on the landscape.
Activate to compel Followers to venture towards the totem.
Click again to deactivate and Followers will then continue exploring.
Whilst 'Place Totem' is active, right clicking allows you to continuously move the Totem.

Gallery[edit | edit source]