The Ark

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The ruins of the ark before it is constructed.

The Ark allows your followers to go and inhabit WeyWorld. It will be first found as ruins at the left of the Homeworld's Astariville. It can be fixed to go to Wayworld.

Details[edit | edit source]

  • Wheat Cost:700 Wheat
  • Ore Cost:500 Ore
  • Repair Time:1 week Building Time
  • Builder Slots:300 Builder
  • Follower Slots:300 Population

Prior to the source (source:

Your people want to move to a new land, to do this you must help them build this ark. This arc will take all the followers who worked on it to a new land, which is full of mysteries and adventures.

The Ark will take a long time to build and take many resources; up to 300 followers will make the voyage.

Don't worry you will still be able to come to this homeworld anytime.

Repairing[edit | edit source]

The Ark under construction by many followers.

The repair of this ark is not only expensive but also takes a long time to build.

As said above, it takes 500 Ore, 700 Wheat, and 1 week to repair, however, the build time can be drastically reduced by the 300 Builder builders able to repair at once.

A great trick to unlocking the ark is to assign only 25 Builder builders to it and wait for it's completion. Once the ark's construction has been finished, you will be prompted to either sail to Weyworld with the current number of Population followers who helped build the ark, or leash some more followers towards it until you reach the max capacity of 300.

Assigning more than 25 Builder builders will not reduce the required build time any further.

Voyaging[edit | edit source]

The ark itself can hold up to 300 followers, to journey to other lands. As of the time the ark is released, it can only sail to Weyworld.