Terrace Farming

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This page or section refers to content that was removed from the game.

Terrace Farming
Type: Science Card
Number: 75
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Period: Proficiency Period
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File:Terrace Farming card.png
Terrace Farming card

Terrace Farming is a Proficiency Period Science Card that increases the fertility of mountain farming.

Acquisition and unlocking[edit | edit source]

The card is acquired upon collecting 20000 Wheat.

Unlocking this card requires:

Card text[edit | edit source]


Details[edit | edit source]

Effect: Increased fertility of mountain farming

Leads to: ???

Terrace farming is where a sloped piece of land is cut into a series of flat platforms. Terrace farming decreases erosion and allows techniques such as irrigation where otherwise the water would just flow away. It has been widely used in Southeast Asia for centuries in farming paddy fields of rice, wheat, and barley.