Settle On Grass

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Settle On Grass

Settle On Grass is the 5th advancement card. It unlocks the Grass Hut abode type, the first abode that can be built on grass.

Acquisition and Unlocking[edit | edit source]

You need 30 Population to unlock the card. To use it you have to pay 2 Construction.

Card Text[edit | edit source]

This Card will unlock a new Abode type. Bigger Abodes can hold more Followers and generate more Belief.

Card Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Size: 1 Plot
  • Capacity: 3 Population
  • Time to Build: 45s Building Time
  • Belief per hour: 79 Belief per Hour
  • Belief Capacity: 60 Belief Capacity
  • Card-Type: Construction

Advancement[edit | edit source]