Mudbrick Lodges

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Mudbrick Lodges
Type: Science Card
Number: 15
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Period: Growth Period
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Mudbrick Lodges card

Mudbrick Lodges is a Growth Period Science Card that grants Followers the ability to build Rank 3 Abodes.

Acquisition and unlocking[edit | edit source]

The card is acquired upon reaching a population of 230.

Unlocking this card requires:

Card text[edit | edit source]

Larger Abodes can house more of your population and generate more Belief.

Details[edit | edit source]

Note: The following text is still in the game, but is out of date.

Effect: Rank 3 Abode Type Unlocked

Abode Type: Rank 3
Capacity: 6
Max Belief: 600
Birth Rate: +++
Belief Rate: ++

Leads to: Stone Cottages

Mudbrick of adobe clay and straw houses are more common in warmer climates, especially in areas where timber is hard to come by. The Ramesseum (c1200 BC) in Egypt is one of the impressive examples of mudbrick construction however there are records of this type of construction stretching back to 7000 BC.