Moving Plots

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This page or section refers to content that was removed from the game.

Moving Plots
Type: God Card
Number: 42
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Period: Expansion Period
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Moving Plots card

Moving Plots is a God Card that gives you the ability to move plots using the mouse..

Acquisition and unlocking[edit | edit source]

This is acquired after reaching a population of 750. It is unlocked when you acquire it.

Card text[edit | edit source]

By clicking and holding you can move plots around your world.

Details[edit | edit source]

How to use:
By clicking and holding you can move plots around your world. After moving a plot it is locked into position and you can only move it manually. If you would like it to return to automatically selecting plot locations, just sculpt into the plot to destroy it.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Position the mouse cursor over the top left corner of a plot where the rank number appears. Hold the left mouse button and drag it to the new location. Note that other nearby plots can restrict the available movement. The land inside a manually-moved plot gains a faint glow, and these plots will not automatically glow or be reposition as you clear land. The only way to reverse this is to Sculpt Land or use other God powers to destroy the plot.