Huge Stone Residence

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Huge Stone Residence

Huge Stone Residence is the 42nd advancement card. It allows for the construction of Mountain Farmhouses. This abode is built on a plot size of 5, and holds 18 followers. It takes 1h 4m to build and generates 288 belief per hour. "Huge Stone Residence" is the third type of abode able to be built on rock. Like all abodes, it can be used to create mining, building, and farming settlements or villages, and will appear as larger and more block-shaped than a Mountain Cottage or Mountain Lodge, which are the other two adobes able to be built on rock.

Size Followers Max Belief Belief Per Hour Surface
5 18 Followers 2500 Belief 288 Belief Mountain

Acquisition and Unlocking[edit | edit source]

The requirement for unlocking the card is 20 Mine.

Card Text[edit | edit source]

This card will unlock a new Abode type. Bigger Abodes can hold more Followers and generate more Belief.

Advancement[edit | edit source]