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As of this writing, the current beta does not have any built-in interface for managing save games other than saving the current game and automatically reloading it when starting the game. It does not even provide an built-in option to start over, but it is possible to start over and manage save games manually by moving, copying, or deleting the game's save files.

Finding the save files[edit | edit source]

On newer versions[edit | edit source]

  • You will need to look in the folder named something like prf110000100a1858b which is where the saves are now kept.
  • You may find saves in a similarly titled series of folders (all starting with "prf") including profile data within the "windows" folder.
    • After you find the folder you can move it somewhere else or delete it entirely if you don't want that save.

On older versions[edit | edit source]

First, quit the game if it is running.

In the game library on Steam, right click on Godus in the list of games in the sidebar. Select "Properties" and then click the "Local Files" tab in the "Godus - Properties" window. Click "Browse local files..."

You should see a "windows" folder or an equivalent folder on the Mac version. Open that folder. The save files are the following files in that folder: (Note: on OSX 10.7.5 the files are inside the user's godus application support folder and not any of the steam folders: "~/Library/Application Support/godus/")

  • state.back
  • state.bin
  • And possibly a number of files like statebackup0001.bin

Be careful not to delete or move other files, though; you may have to reinstall the game if you do that.

Simply starting over[edit | edit source]

If you are absolutely sure you want to start over and don't want to resume your previous game, you can delete those files, but it is recommended that you move them to a backup location instead. When you start up the game client again, you will be at the beginning of the game.

Managing multiple saves[edit | edit source]

You can restore a save game by deleting or moving the save files the game is currently using and copying in files backed up from a previous save, which will then be loaded the next time you start the game. Probably the simplest way to manage multiple saves is to copy the files associated with each save into its own backup folder that you create somewhere handy, such as your Documents folder.

Recovering Corrupted Save Files[edit | edit source]

You can potentially recover and older save if you have managed to corrupt your save file, or you made a huge mistake (like spending gems on the wrong thing) Godus keeps a backup of some of your old save (that is what the statebackup0001.bin and such files are for. The higher number appear to be the most recent based on the system modified dates)

First, backup the whole prf110000100a1858b folder by copying or creating a zip file from it.

Then delete your state.bin file, copy one of the statebackup000X.bin files and rename it as state.bin

For corrupted saves, I would recommend the second to last statebackup000X.bin file; the last file appears to be identical to the state.bin file.