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This page or section refers to content that was removed from the game.

Type: Science Card
Number: 50
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Period: Conquest Period
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Craftsmanship card

Craftsmanship is a Conquest Period Science Card that decreases the time it takes Followers to build Abodes.

Acquisition and unlocking[edit | edit source]

The card is acquired when your population reaches 1300.

Unlocking this card requires:

Card text[edit | edit source]

Followers have improved their construction skills and can now build more efficiently.

Details[edit | edit source]

Effect: Decreased build times for all Abodes

Leads to: Shoes.

By taking pride in their work, humans developed expertise at various crafts. Becoming more efficient in each discipline led to people taking different roles within their society. Workmanship and craftmanship (sic) were valued human attributes even in prehistoric times.