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This page or section refers to content that was removed from the game.

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Followers have watched you over the development of their civilization and have started turning your actions into rules to live by. Your followers will declare three Commandments when you have gathered the prerequisite Resource Cards for the Commandments Faith Card. The Commandments will be reevaluated whenever you complete all four Advance Cards for a Period.

Avaliable Commandments:

  • The progress of civilization is a sinful ambition in thy god's eyes.
  • The holiest land to settle upon is that of the deserts and shores.
  • Trees must be respected and not reaped unthinkingly.
  • The trees of thy land are a consumable resource.
  • Rocks, unattractive as they may be, must be respected as if thy god.
  • Rocks are a plague upon the landscape of Homeworld.