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A Barrel Chest
A Wooden Chest
A Stone Chest
A Gold Chest
Some Chest Confetti

Chests can be found on the map that grant random Stickers when clicked while uncovered. Many, if not most, chests are partially or completely buried and God powers must be used to uncover them. A chest cannot be open if only its top is uncovered, but you may not have to uncover all sides before you can open it. Chests disappear after they are opened.
There are 4 different types of chests, although this is only a visual difference, they all act the same.

How To Find Them[edit | edit source]

A pattern of rising, circular, colourful confetti indicate the presence of a chest. This can be seen no matter how deep the chest is buried, so it isn't necessary to blindly dig up land to find them. Note, however, that this indicator may not be visible through trees or rocks.

Only a fixed number of chests will be in the homeworld at any one time. Once a chest is opened it will disappear and another will spawn in a random location during the next thunderstorm.

Did you know that one of the best way to find chests is to, during a thunderstorm, watch where lightning lands? Chests appear where lightning strike.

Glitches[edit | edit source]

Chests can spawn outside your area of influence, in the greyed out portions of the homeworld. These are impossible to get. The chests will be accessible once the greyed out areas are unlocked though.

The developers have recently announced that they've fixed an issue which caused chests to spawn underneath your existing buildings. Previously, when this happened the only course of action was to destroy the abode on top of the chest, or squish the abode into a farm or something to made the land underneath sculptable again.

On mobile android devices chests can still spawn partially under abodes or completely surrounded by abodes so that the only course of action is still to destroy at least 1 abode.