Bronze Age

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The Bronze Age is the 2nd age for your civilization.

Description[edit | edit source]

Your Followers have become more civilised and entered the Bronze Age. The discovery and use of agriculture will allow them to move from simple hunter-gathering lifestyles to more organised and structured settlements.

Your Followers have entered a new phase of farming and civil structure.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Much of the gameplay of the Primitive Age carries over, but the emphasis switches from building your population to collecting Wheat via Farming. Collecting sufficient wheat is now the primary way of acquiring Advance Cards. This makes settlements more important as they are required in order to produce Farmers to plant nearby fields and collect Wheat. Also, storms begin to occur during this age which damage Abodes outside the protection of settlements. The last ten battles of the Mount of the Gods event become available in this age.

Periods[edit | edit source]

Period Advance Cards
Agricultural Period Farming, Politics, Debate, and Shoes
Proficiency Period Specialised Labor, Ploughs, Cartography, and Terrace Farming
Political Period Aesthetics, Village, Salt Farming, and Town Planning