Beacon of Expansion

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Advance Card[edit | edit source]

Beacon Of Expansion Advance Card

Beacon Of Expansion is the 1st event advancement card. It increases the area that the player has influence over.

Acquisition and Unlocking[edit | edit source]

As of version 2.1 the Beacon of Expansion can only be repaired with the Restore Ruins Card.

Beacon[edit | edit source]

A Standard Beacon
A Repaired Beacon
A Lit Beacon
A Reinforced Beacon

The Beacon is a type of ruin that, when repaired, will extend the players area of influence. The beacons can only be repaired in a linear fashion, with each beacon revealing the next. Every beacon will take longer to repair than the last and once a beacon has been lit it will burn down and disappear.
The Repair Ruins Advance Card is required to repair standard beacons, followed by the Reinforced Beacons card to repair reinforced beacons.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Beacon # Type Repair Time Resources Required
1 Standard 1 Minute -
2 Standard 40 Minutes -
3 Standard 1 Hour -
4 Standard 1 Hour -
5 Standard 6 Hours -
6 Reinforced 1 Day 10 Ore
7 Reinforced 2 Days 50 Ore
8 Reinforced 4 Days 100 Ore
9 Reinforced 5 Days 300 Ore
10 Reinforced 1 Week 700 Ore