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Hey! We're releasing an initial version of the Balance File Editor. While it's far from complete it'll allow you to completely change how the game feels and behaves.

Steam Workshop[edit | edit source]

Making your own[edit | edit source]

The way it works is that you change stats in the two currently available tabs (Abodes and Followers) move over to the Update tab and press Update Game. Your changes are now affecting the game! You can now name your mod and upload it to Steam Workshop.

Geting someone else's[edit | edit source]

After you subscribe to someone's mod through the Godus Steam Workshop page you will see it under Select Subscribed Mod.

Click it and it's on! Not only can you play with that mod, you can edit and upload your own mod to someone's mod.

Abodes[edit | edit source]

This is one of the most important systems in Godus. In this section you can edit how many people live in each type of house (Capacity), how fast each house is built (Build Time), how fast the house generates belief (Belief Modifier) and many more.

Some added information on some tricky stats:

  • For farms and mines the Belief Modifier actually dictates how fast the farm/mine generates wheat/ore.
  • Houses have two values for determining belief bubble generation Max Belief and Collectable Belief. Max Belief is the very maximum amount of belief a house can accumulate, while Collectable Belief is the minimum that has to be in the house for the belief to be collectable.
  • Build Capacity is the amount of people that'll work on a house at the same time.
  • Vision Radius is how far the house can see. This determines, for example, how close the house needs to be to a plot for the house to be sproggable.

Followers[edit | edit source]

Here you can edit your followers' stats. The most important rows here are the Brown Head and Astari rows.

Some fun things to play with here are RouteSpeed which will make your followers walk slower/faster and Scale which makes your followers smaller/bigger.

My Game is Crashing, Help![edit | edit source]

That is probably my fault.

There is a known issue where people that have been playing the opt-in builds will have to delete the folder labeled BM under their game's data. If your game is crashing on startup that is the first thing you should try.

Barring that please contact support at