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Community Announcement[edit | edit source]

Since releasing Godus v2.1 last Friday we’ve had a lot of really useful comments from the community (as well as more than few support requests, too). This week, we’ve been hard at work implementing a ton of changes based on this feedback.

The update, released on Steam today, includes a bunch of exciting new cards, new gifts and some important bug fixes.

New stuff:

   New Gift: Flag - allows you to put a flagpole in your world to increase happiness and look cool. (more flags to come!)
   New Gift: School of Fish - Fish can now be placed in the sea.
   New Card: Statue of Belief Collection - added, enables you to store some belief when you're not there to pick it up.
   New Card: Tree Buff - The tree buff upgrade card further increases the amount of belief produced by
   abodes in the vicinity of trees.
   New Card: Super Follower Boost - Boost your followers even more, making them work harder and longer.


   Stopped campfires being created on top of gem seams and granite
   Fix for rock colours being wrong in some situations
   Fix for part of the fountain tutorial not appearing.
   Destination button in events now only appears if there is at least one event to pick from.
   Happiness and gift balancing
   Fixed some tooltip locations
   Reduced Astari Fire damage, to fix bug with them being too easy to kill
   Tree of joy springs up out of the floor rather than being dropped
   Gems only rewarded after all followers have climbed pit of doom steps
   Fix to prevent temples ending up in the water whilst sculpting
   Tweaks to happiness for homeless followers
   During leashing tutorial leashes, will only be accepted if they end on the layer of the temple itself or the one under it.
   Removing rotation snap back
   Balance file changes
   Settlements with courtyards now allow followers to go back home
   Minor colour tweaks to trees and beautify
   Fixes to Mac audio when sacrificing followers
   New splash screen text
   Revised colours for trees on various landscapes

Coming soon – mod our balance files! Probably the most frequently requested changes we make to the game by the Steam Early Access community and our Kickstarter backers is that we reduce the wait timers for Godus on PC and Mac.

In the spirit of collaboration with the community, we will be implementing a major change to the way we set our balance files for all aspects of Godus.

In the near future, we will be providing you with the ability to manually set many of the values within the balance files for yourself. We will then collate your feedback with the intention of making global adjustments to Godus on PC and Mac based on your collective contributions.

You’ll be able to access the balance file values form with the settings menu:

Balance Menu

This will take you to the in-game Balance Changer, which will allow you set the values for Abodes…

Abodes Balancing Screenshot

…for Followers…

Followers Balancing Screenshot

…and also for Belief.

Belief Balancing Screenshot

A simple interface will allow you to set these values however you wish. Want everything to be built instantly or to have Belief costs set to zero? Now you’ll have the ability to do so from within the game.

Balance Interface Screenshot

You’ll then be able to update your game or, if you want to start again from scratch, restore them to their default settings.

Balance Updating Screenshot

However, what we really, really want you to do is share your edited balance files with us and let us know how and why you think your changes make the game more enjoyable.

We’re hoping there’s consistency in your replies, but we’re also aware that people will want to play according to their own preferred play style.

It’s here that your feedback will be vital to help us understand why you’ve made particular changes. So, be bold! Be detailed! And please don’t skimp out on any of the more juicy parts to your reasoning.

Balance Email Example Screenshot

We want Godus to be a game that you keep coming back to, so what better way of doing that than by engaging our core players?

As always, we keep a close eye on all of the feedback from our community, so please continue to share your thoughts in either our official forum, our Steam Early Access forum or the 22cans Facebook page.